Cancer Charity

3 Top Cancer Charity Makes a Big Impact

3 Top Cancer Charity Agency Makes a Big Impact

Top Cancer Charity Makes a Big Impact – Cancer charities About 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States. That is an unthinkable number. Cancer is a scary disease because it is very common. There is no cure and can affect any body parts. Fortunately, some non -profit organizations raise funds for drug research, care, screening, and education.

These organizations collect millions of dollars every year and help individuals and families handle this terrible diagnosis,Cancer charities. This organization’s work is why we are closer than before to find medicine for cancer.

Cancer Charity

This list consists of 10 top cancer charity bodies that do excellent work in cancer, treatment, education, and more. That does not mean there is no good cancer charities body out there. All non -profit organizations struggle for a better world. This list only gives you a glimpse of what is done some of the best to alleviate this deadly disease and how you can be part of their mission.

1. Susan G comment for healing

Breast cancer is the deadliest cancer for women and for several generations. Susan G. Commission was created in honor of Susan G. Komben, who died of breast cancer in 1980. Sister Susan, Nancy Binker, started the organization in 1982 with $ 200. At present, this is one of the largest non -profit organizations in the world.

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Susan G. Comments for Cure have invested more than $ 2.9 billion in research and breast cancer programs. This organization has helped reduce breast cancer death by 40 percent from 1989 to 2016.

Susan G. Organization currently provides resources and support groups for people with cancer charities uk and their families. They also offer several financial and health insurance options for those who undergo treatment.

The majority of funds from the organization of Susan G. The comments go to the research grant. This grant is part of its aim to prioritize metastasis cancer research and support the leaders that arise. They also provide paid training opportunities for researchers who are interested in learning the gap in breast cancer charities uk because of race and income.

How can you help:
Donors can donate or collect funds to the organization Susan G. Comment. Because research and advocacy is an important part of this organization, they are always looking for people to make polls and advocate organizations.

Those who have been treated for breast cancer charities can participate in their survey of life after cancer. Those who are interested in science or the government can also find a role to be played in a promotional campaign for this organization.

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2. American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society has existed since 1942. At that time, they had invested more than $ 5 billion in cancer research and cared for more than 3.2 million cancer patients. American Cancer Society educates the public about various diagnosis of cancer charities and provides resources for cancer patients and their families.

Cancer patients are supported through supporting groups and one. They also provide free residence and transportation for those who travel abroad for maintenance.

American Cancer Society also conducted and funded research that had made a difference in millions of lives. This organization investigates the gap in the treatment of across races and income and monitoring patterns and success in cancer treatment. They also provide grants to scientists and health care providers. That’s when the research was approved by a strict peer review.

How can you help:
The American Cancer Society organizes the raids for relay for life which collects more than $ 400 million every year. This event allows donors to raise funds for organizations through their own fundraising efforts and peer-to-peer campaigns.

3. Cancer Research Institute

Cancer immunotherapy is not a term that most people know, but the Cancer Research Institute has focused all of its efforts on funding immunotherapy treatments to help cancer patients. Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to prevent and control cancer.

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The organization admits that this treatment will not work for everyone, but they have been successful enough to continue.

The Cancer Research Institute began in 1953. The founder, Helen Coley Nauts, delved into immunotherapy after the death of her father, a respected cancer surgeon,breast cancer charities uk. Her research showed years of success in providing non-surgical treatments for cancer patients.

Today, the Institute for Cancer Research makes grants to promote racial diversity in researchers, testing of immunotherapy treatments, and advances in technology.

How can you help:
The Cancer Research Institute is currently running a ’21 Challenge where supporters make a personal commitment to change their lives for the better. People have already decided to travel, exercise and even bake more bread. Each of these individual goals includes a peer-to-peer campaign to raise $2,021 for the organization.

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