The Miraculous Benefits of Soy Protein

The Miraculous Benefits of Soy Protein

Soy protein is emerging as one of the great alternative protein sources.Health experts are all excited to see how soy protein can transform diets. What’s the latest craze? Here are some good reasons to consume soy protein.


Soy protein is plant protein

Soybeans contain complete protein and have one of the best protein digestibility of any protein source. Soybeans also contain little or no fat.Those who are lactose intolerant will be pleased to know that soybeans contain no lactose.

As a vegetable protein, soy is free of steroids and antibiotics and contains animal protein. It is also free from the parasites that contaminate some of products. They also do not contain any of the diseases that can be contracted from common sources such as mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease.

Vegetarians love this bean as it provides a comparable – if not better – source of protein to its animal counterpart. It provides a protein that is better and easier to digest and comparable to most protein supplements.

Soybeans are very versatile

Soybeans are very versatile. Various cuisines, particularly Asian, recognize the value of the humble soybean. A host of naturally delicious treats are all soy-based: tofu, soy pudding, soy milk, and meat substitutes β€” not to mention condiments like soy sauce and hoi sin sauce.

To counteract the problem of world hunger, the cultivation of soybeans has been proposed. Not only are soybeans easy to grow and harvest, they grow almost anywhere and produce a lot in a short amount of time. Farmers have been reported to have replaced their entire crop line with soybean plants. These hardy little plants produce plenty per harvest and, as mentioned, can grow in even the most difficult of areas.

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The big substitute

Soy is low in fat and can be used as a substitute for most protein sources. When cooking, you can use soy substitutes instead of flour for a low-fat alternative. This makes it a great source of protein for those looking to lose weight without compromising their protein needs.

Bodybuilders are considering how this can make their job a whole lot easier. Without the fat and with all the protein goodness – easily digested – bodybuilding has just received a major boon of a food.

Although these bodybuilders are currently debating how soy can help bodybuilders, it doesn’t take away from what soy can contribute to a person’s overall health.

It is highly advisable to stick to natural protein whenever possible rather than processed protein as processed foods usually come with some risk. The best use of this food can be attributed to how it fits perfectly into anyone’s low-fat, high-protein diet.

Soy products can be incorporated into shakes and ready to drinks. And since they’re lactose-free, lactose-intolerant people will still be able to get their milkshake without suffering.

Soy products are also a great source of other nutrients like saponins, isoflavones, and phytosterols. Saponins support a healthy immune system. It also combines with cholesterol to prevent increased absorption of cholesterol in the body. Phytosterols also help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the body in the same way that saponins do.

Isoflavones are powerful antioxidants and help prevent the effects of free radicals in the body. They prevent many signs of aging and are known to help prevent cancer. This alone makes the soy a miracle protein source in its own right.

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Isoflavones, along with vitamins A, C and E, are among the front liners in the fight against such diseases – they also counteract the effects of pollution and stress.

how much is too much

Unlike other protein sources, it’s fairly safe to consume a large amount of soy products. While the allergies to soy products exist, cases are rare. However, it is best to consult your doctor or nutritionist when switching to a soy diet. Ask specifically if the soy will interfere with any prescription drugs you’re taking.

Soy can be a great boon to people looking for a great source of protein that doesn’t have the side effects of most other sources. It would be wise to find out how to improve their diet.


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